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China Academy of New Supply-side Economics

Source:华夏新供给经济学研究院  Author:本站  Add time:2015-12-07  View count:  


China Academy of New Supply-side Economics is a folk think-tank organization which established by Kang Jia, Chongen Bai, Qing Wang and another 9 scholars and approved by the government management departments in September 2013. The Institute aims to promote the research of “the reform as the core of the new supply-side economics “, adhering to the spirit of "pragmatic and combine ancient with modern, unlocked and inclusive culture between Chinese and western". Striving to build a Chinese new characteristics think-tank with high-level academic and international influence which based on global vision and a sense of times responsibility, by building the cross-border cooperation in "China's New Supply-side Economics Forum 50". More than hundred economists, industrialists, financial elites and the media joined the new supply of the institute’s research team, committed to the continuous development of economic theory innovation by delivering a number of activities as bi-weekly new supply academic seminar, " the strategy of China's 2049" round table, the new supply financial round table and the key research of annual new supply, etc.  


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